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Knowledge from Experience with Worldly Education



From an international perspective, Japanese schools are excellent at "learning." Both teachers and students are earnest and eager to teach and learn. But why are we learning? When asked about their purpose, they say, "Because I want to get into a famous university," or "Because the people around me told me to." This is far from the purpose of life that they should have been searching for while having fun wandering around.​


KEWE Kikkajuku aims to help you understand why you are learning. After gaining internationally accepted knowledge from experts, participants can observe diverse societies, think about any questions, and learn from others with various backgrounds through workshops that include practical experience. We will talk to each other and find solutions. Through valuable experiences and discussions, you can get to know your true self and develop your talents. It is necessary to provide an environment where students can engage in "debate and discussion" in their daily lives, rather than a speech contest, and learn while understanding their ideas and those of their peers.


​At KEWE Kikkajuku , we use the format of workshops held outside the school to allow students to try out the experience of "thinking = speaking (expressing) = proposing" in various genres. Sometimes, we learn in English.​


While holding local workshops in each region of Japan with SDGs in mind and similar workshops in Indonesia, the United States, and European countries, we also provide consulting for expanding classes in Japan internationally.


If you are interested, please contact us. I sincerely hope that as many young people as possible will become the people who will shape the world of the future with an international perspective and understanding of the historical importance.​

Fumiko Kikuchi​



Fumiko Kikuchi 

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After graduating from university, she entered the media world and then continued to research the history of education and new education at Columbia University Graduate School in New York and the University of Paris while visiting schools in Europe and conducting fieldwork. Earned a master's degree with a thesis on ”Educational Reform and its Aftereffects.”


After she published a local newspaper in the US, she taught at Keio Academy of New York High School's social studies and Japanese language departments. As Head of School and Dean during reforms, she was involved in school management. 

Her passion is to give young people opportunities to gain knowledge from experts and, through experiences and discussions, to solve political, economic, and social issues from an international perspective. Thus, she started to hold workshops in rural Bali, Indonesia, in 2015 and Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, in 2024.

In 2024, he opened KEWE Kikkajuku and continues to work on a wider range of activities.

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