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Workshop in Shimoda

07.31.2023  -  08.06.2023


Monday 31 July 

Check in by 1pm
Afternoon: Session 1 "What is 'Glocal'?"

Black ship boarding experience, visits to temples and shrines in the city

Evening: (Same as every night) Cuisine, summary forum, free time to explore

Tuesday, 1 August

Morning: Session 2 "Understanding the region: Shimoda's challenges"

Q&A session

Afternoon Session: Fishery experiences, talks by those involved

Wednesday, 2 August

Morning: Session 3 "Understanding Japan: Japan-specific issues"

Q&A, discussion

Afternoon Session: Fieldwork I

Afternoon: Session 'Geography and Art'.

Exploration with a Geo guide

Thursday, 3 August

Morning: Session 4 "Know Yourself" 


Afternoon: Farming experiences in Minami-Izu

Afternoon: 'Geography and Art'

Friday, 4 August

Morning: Session 5 "Understanding the World: Global Sustainable Leadership"

Q&A, discussion

Afternoon Session: Fieldwork II

Saturday, 5 August

Morning: Final Presentations by participants, Q&A

Afternoon: Talks with professionals Q&A

Evening: BBQ with participants and collaborators

Sunday, 6 Aug

Morning: Check-out


*Voluntary activities such as beach cleaning are included.
*Follow-up field works related to social issues in Japan will be offered separately later. We will announce it later to the participants.

Application Form




Seven days and six nights from Monday, July 31st to Sunday, August 6th


LAC Shimoda and Hotel Japan, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Pref.


Participation fee: 60,000 yen

Accommodation fee: 30,000 yen (4,500 yen per night + 500 yen for sheets) x 6 nights

Food expenses: 30,000 yen 3 meals a day 5,000 yen x 6 days

Transportation expenses: own expense 

Example) Tokyo - Izukyu Shimoda (Shinkansen to Atami) round trip 12000 yen
     Tokyo - Izukyu Shimoda (Tokaido Line) round trip 8000 yen

* The information related to the payment of 120,000 yen for the participation fee, accommodation fee, and food expenses will be notified after the participation selection is finished.

* Participation fee of 10,000 yen/day for the students who are/were from Shimoda
will get the support of 5,000 yen from the city of Shimoda.  Lunch costs will be charged.

Accommodation and food expenses will be the same as other participants.
<WIS Lecturerers>

Boston Abe                    


Kazuhide Ozasa                        

President, Communication Laboratory, Former Dentsu

Yasunori Fujita                        

Professor, Keio University

Kim Kyungmook

   Professor, Waseda University

Yohei Doi

   Associate Professor, Atomi University 

Anne McDonald                               

Professor, Sophia University

Aiko Kurasawa                             

Honorary Professor, Keio University

Fumiko Kikuchi                               

Keio Academy of NYTeacher, Kikkajuku President

Yuito Yamada                            

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Mitsuko Tsuchiya (Hasegawa)           

Sea Shell Vacation House Owner

<WIS Committee>

Fumiko Kikuchi

Mitsuko Hasegawa

Yoshiki Iwaki                                   
Nikita Shibuta                                  
Sota Shimatani 

Yukine Murakami

Masakuni Shimazaki     


<Financial Support on sightseeing and transportation> Shimoda City

<Accomodation Support> Hotel Japan


     Shimoda is where Japan opened its doors as a country for the first time after cutting off relations with foreign governments for nearly 300 years. Many young people, including Shoin Yoshida and Yukichi Fukuzawa, feel frustrated and want to learn about overseas and in Japan. Many wanted to make Japan an international and open country while looking at the black ships floating in Shimoda Bay.

     The "Workshop in Shimoda (WIS)" to be held this year will provide young people in Japan with the SDGs as a significant theme. Learning about international SDG efforts, the participants will visit local industries and interview people engaged in the area. After many discussions with other participants, they will find clues to solve the issues and provide their views on our website. Through the communication workshop and the talks with young professionals, they can also work on finding their personalities and what they want to pursue in the future. ​ 

     The application will be closed when we fill the space.

A "WIS Completion Certificate" will be awarded upon completion of the entire workshop. Use this opportunity for internship, volunteer, and AL credits.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Kikuchi at

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